Spectacular African hides, perfect for that unique home decor touch

Our African hides are legally and ethically sourced, and our Zebra Springbok hides are CITES approved to ensure that there has been no illegal culling or poaching. Our African hides have been approved and imported into Singapore with the permission of NParks and have been subject to strict tanning specifications.

Nguni Cow Hides

South African Nguni Cows are arguably the most beautiful in the world. Native to sub Saharan Africa, their spectacular and unusual markings have made them the most highly prized hides for home decor around the world. Nguni hides have rich colours, are luxuriously soft, and always unique.

Exotic Hides

Spectacular Springbok & Burchell’s Zebra hides originate from Southern Africa. We hand select our hides so that you receive only the best available quality.

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